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Get Your FRB Deposit Envelopes from IFS

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago will soon be transitioning to electronic deposit tickets. In preparation for this change, the FRB will no longer be supplying plastic deposit ticket sleeves/clear envelopes to institutions. You can now begin ordering these envelopes directly from IFS. Please contact your sales representative at 815-725-0633 or email us at

Check Out Our New Promo Products Search Website!

We encourage you to browse our new Promotional Products search website – Here is a list of features:

• Search over 400,000 promotional products
• Narrow search results based on your criteria
• See Virtual Samples of any product
• Get ideas from themed product collections
• View featured new products daily

Now through December 31st, 2013, take 10% off any Promotional Products order. Reference PROMO10 when placing your order. For more details, call 815-725-0633 or contact your sales representative today.

2012 Holiday Supply Ordering

It’s time to order holiday supplies for the 2012 Season! We have options for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire Holiday Season in the following products:

– Currency Envelopes
– Gift Money Envelopes
– Drive-up Envelopes
– Teller Receipts
– Holiday Gifts
– Holiday Promotions – especially food items!
– Holiday Cards
– Holiday CD/Card Combo Sets

Contact us today to get more information and to review options. Financial institutions can browse for styles and ideas for this wonderful time of year. Any questions? Call 815-725-0633 or email us at

Safe Deposit Filing Systems

IFS is now a supplier of the Kardex/Visible Records System for card storage used by many banks in their safe deposit departments. We have the cabinets as well as the hinged pockets available. These have become very difficult to find, so give us a call at 815-725-0633 and we can help you with a new system or any add-on pieces you may need.







IFS 44th in PSDA’s Annual “Top 100 Distributors” Rankings

IFS is proud to announce that we rank 44th in the PSDA’s Top 100 Distributors list for 2012. We are honored to be a part of such a prestigious listing. We cracked the Top 50 last year and moved up a couple spots for the 2012 list. This list is compiled using annual revenue data from each PSDA member. For more information, please contact us today!

Let IFS Be Your Source for ATM Label and Supply Needs

Whether you are looking for a stock item or a more custom solution, IFS can help supply you with all your ATM label needs. We can produce as little as one label or however many you need, all of which will showcase any ATM, debit, credit or other network logo, as well as fee and deposit notices, and much more. Contact your sales representative today!

We also have stock ATM supplies in our warehouse, ready for delivery, or access to Diebold, NCR or any other manufacturers receipts, ribbons and other supplies. WE can even produce custom ATM receipts with your logo, marketing message and much more. Call 815-725-0633 for more information.

Reminder: USPS to Discontinue POSTNET Barcode in January 2013

There have been several IFS newsletters that have featured information on the new Intelligent barcodes replacing the old POSTNET versions. USPS is making this effective permanently in January, so we will need these new barcodes for any Courtesy or Business Reply Mail (BRM) before the end of the year. We have started replacing the POSTNET barcode now for many of our customers. You can find more information on how to get us these barcodes through this link at

Or you can get us your Mailer ID for Courtesy Reply, or both Mailer ID and Permit # for BRM, and we can get the barcodes for you. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative today, or call 815-725-0633.

Congratulations to our President David Puntney on 25 Years at IFS!

Here’s to many, many more!

ADA Compliance is Only One Week Away

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice issued Standards for Accessible Design, which included updates to the 1991 ADA standards for ATMs. All deployed ATMs must be compliant with the new requirements by March 15, 2012.

Key Points:

  • ADA compliance is mandatory
  • ATMs may require upgrades or replacement
  • ATM owners, including merchants who own their ATMs are responsible for meeting ADA requirements with each and every terminal

The 2010 ADA Standards effect both physical access and communication-related elements including the following:

  • Display Screen: For visibility from a point located 40 inches above the center of the floor in front of the ATM, characters on the screen must be in sans serif font, a minimum of 3/16 inches high, and contrast with their background.
  • Cancel Key: raised letter
  • Height and Reach: ATMs reach must equal 48 inches.
  • Voice Guidance: All ATMs must be speech enabled to service visually impaired consumers.
  • Clear or Correct Key: raised left arrow
  • Braille Instructions: Braille instructions to initiate the voice guidance feature must be provided.
  • Function Keys: Function keys must be designed to contrast visually from their background surfaces.
  • Enter or Proceed Key: raised circle
  • Clear Floor Space: The area around the machine needs to equal 48 inches by 48 inches.
  • Input Device: Input device controls must be tactually discernible, meaning key surfaces must be raised above the surrounding surfaces.
  • Add Value Key: raised plus sign
  • Decrease Value Key: raised minus sign

For more information on ADA compliance visit The Department of Justice

Congratulating Joanne on 25 Years of Service at IFS!

Thank you for your 25 years of service here at our company.