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2012 Holiday Supply Ordering

It’s time to order holiday supplies for the 2012 Season! We have options for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire Holiday Season in the following products:

– Currency Envelopes
– Gift Money Envelopes
– Drive-up Envelopes
– Teller Receipts
– Holiday Gifts
– Holiday Promotions – especially food items!
– Holiday Cards
– Holiday CD/Card Combo Sets

Contact us today to get more information and to review options. Financial institutions can browse for styles and ideas for this wonderful time of year. Any questions? Call 815-725-0633 or email us at

Safe Deposit Filing Systems

IFS is now a supplier of the Kardex/Visible Records System for card storage used by many banks in their safe deposit departments. We have the cabinets as well as the hinged pockets available. These have become very difficult to find, so give us a call at 815-725-0633 and we can help you with a new system or any add-on pieces you may need.